About the Moran-Ventre Charitable Foundation

John E. Moran continues to support the lives of others, through the works of the Foundation, which bears his name. Established in 1986, the John E. Moran Foundation exists today to improve the quality of life of people intellectual and developmental disabilities.

John's vision during the latter years of his life was to create a mechanism that would fund initiatives geared toward improving the lives of others. He witnessed the wonderful works of his good friend, Congressman John Fogarty, who for years lead the charge in this area. Upon Congressman Fogarty's death, John Moran felt a need to continue his friend's work. John generously supported many causes consistent with those dear to the heart of his late friend. Over time, a more organized structure was created and is now known as the John E. Moran Foundation.

Today, 27 years after John's death, the Foundation is becoming more and more visible in its attempt to make a difference in peoples' lives. To its generous supporters, the Foundation's Officers and Directors offer heartfelt gratitude. Your contributions are being invested in the community in accordance with our Mission Statement and consistent with John Moran's vision for a better world.

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